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Xinhua News Agency,dalmatian print trousers the United Nations, Chinas resident representative Zhang Jun○▽◇=, the representative of the United Nations, presided over the President of the Council, presided over the Palestinian issue of the Palestinian issue of the Council, presided over the President of the Council. When speaking as a representative of China◇◆★■, Zhang Jun said that the Council should take strong action to reiterate the firm support of the “two countries•▽”, calling on the international community to practice real multilateralism●☆▪, and play a role in the solution to Palestine issues☆◆◇○. Zhang Jun said that the international community must increase actions to ensure that the relevant parties have effectively abide by the ceasefire and recover the full calm as soon as possible…▪…▽. China urges all parties to keep restraints to avoid taking initiatives that may lead to an upgrade. Zhang Jun pointed out that the humanitarian crisis faced by Palestine is concerned abo…•!

China New Social Sciences May 27 (Ding Si Yan) Gansu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences team with the ■=”cloud△▷▽” in the National Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan◆△●, held “China-Uzbekistan Friendship Relationship Development” network video signing ceremony, This is another new result in the “National Friendship Relationship of China and Silk Road” Projects along the National Association of Silk Roads in the Gansu Provincial Social Sciences●••○. The project of the National Friendship Relationship between China and Silk Road has been launched in 2016=■△, after five years of development, in January 2021, the first result “China-Kazakhstan Friendship Relationship Development History” “China – Tajikistan Friendship Relationship development history =…”in Lanzho.

Original title: Beijing Safe Housing Center Assets Billions Hui Hui and more than 1 million residents plan to invest 36.3 billion New Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi correspondent Ge Jiang Tao) As of the end of February 2018▪■=◆, the Beijing Safe Housing Construction Investment Center consolidated total assets Reached 102.357 billion yuan◇•. In 2011, the security housing center started from 10 billion yuan, after 6 years and 8 months, it was among millions of enterprises. This year, the center plans to implement 36.3 billion yuan●•◁◇, add 45 hectares of land reserves, and add 13,black satin draped mini dress000 sets of support-▪. In June 2011◇•, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government had a one-time capital injection of 10 billion yuan, established the Beijing Safe Housing Construction Investment Center, and the goal is to “build the actual housing security supply system in accordance with the Capital, so that thousands of families achieve peace of mind▷•☆□. ▪□□”nor▽●?

Original title: The two sessions merge,bandage corset dress China Financial Supervision is to do this source: China is the 13th of the State Administration●▼=, and the State Council Institutional Reform Plan will be considered for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress▷■◇. According to the program, after the reform, the State Councils positive ministerial institutions decreased by 8, and 7 deputy-level agencies were reduced. In addition to the Office of the State Council, there were 26 components of the State Council. Among them, the program proposes to integrate the China Banking Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as “Banking Regulatory Commission) and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the” Insurance Regulatory Commission ●●”) to form the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission▽■-, as a direct institution directly under the State Council Looking at history●▼•, whether it is a China Bank Regulatory Commission or a China Insurance Regulatory Commission, or is a “young man☆▪” that is youth. China Banking Regulatory Commission was established in .

On May 27th▼▲○, Baolong Commercial (HK○▽○◁.9909) was successively issued with Baolong Real Estate (HK△■▽◆.1238). Shanghai Jiayu◆☆, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baolong Commercial, and signed an increase in capital with Shanghai Yuehang Technology▽☆▽. Invest in RMB 50 million, total billion, used to add code layout wisdom business. Shanghai Yuehang Technology, which is a Bao Long Commercial Sub-Company and Tencent to join hands, is a digital service provider who focuses on the business asset operations industry, is also a key supplier including a plurality of large commercial real estate groups in Baolong○▼▷. In the course of the Qilong and Tencents cooperation★△, the bridge…▲▪, R & D and coordination work, and continuously promotes R & D upgrade. This ti.




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