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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, China: Beijing “3 · 17” Real Estate Market Regulation Faculty: Market Transportation Price Qi Fuming Kong Xiangxin□…▲, Lu Chang▷-▼-, Zhang Chao March 17,chair backdrop 2017, Beijing Release “About the Wealth of Commodity Housing And the Notice of Differentiated Credit Policy ●●■□”to increase the regulation of real estate market. The relevant departments of Beijing have successively introduced more than 20 policy measures such as “Recognition Protection” and “Improvement). In the past year, the amount of commodity residential transactions in Beijing has declined, and the price of new commodity residential buildings is overall-◆, and the price of second-hand residential buildings is raised◆•▼. The quantity prices fell, the price of second-hand housing was more obvious in Beijing Chaoyang District Real Estate Registration Affairs Center•-…. The reporter saw that the scene of the people in the registration hall in the “3.17” regulation in 2017 did not exist△◇=•. “pha!

Taiwans leaders Cai Yingwen (Figure■▼•: Taiwan media information) Overseas network on August 21st, Central American country Salvador announced the “breaking” of the authorities, establish diplomatic relations with mainland China▼▼◆, and throwing shocks to the island. Shortly after the news of “Broken”•■▽, there is a mediator to hold the sour grapes and start writing Black Salvador▷=★-. Temple media said that although Salvador was once Taiwans “Friends”▽□, many peoples understanding of the country is nearly zero. So, Taimei has made a description of the paragraph, but the content is not known to “introduction” or deliberately in ◁★”black•▪…” ▲▼▪..••▲▷. Taime media first introduce the road, Salvador is a small country in China, natural scenery is beautiful, and Also known as, “Although there are many sightseeing features, the crime rate that is high, but many passengers dont dare to compliment▷◆?

Original title: Gu Ming Committee recommended to establish Zhan Tianyous birthday as a national ☆■”Engineering Festival” National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the general engineer of China Communications Tianjin Waterway Bureau Co.▲▼☆★, Ltd. “China Ship News■■●”•△, …▲▼”China Ship News”, “China Ship News” Zhan Tianyous birthday – April 26th established a national engineer festival to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen in the whole society,asymmetric drape dress let engineers become a new era star, and make greater contributions to accelerating the construction of innovative countries. ” During the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Gu Ming▪•◆○, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and General Engineers▪☆★=, China Communications Tianjin Waterway Bureau, called on the entire community to pay attention to engineer groups. On November 3,floral corset midi dress 2017, my countrys independent design and development of the new generation of the “Tianyi” self-avaiding squeez.

Original title•▼: To do the worst preparation, the United States has to do business in the two fields in China●▪! Just now, China Communications Equipment Giants •▪◁”ZTE★◁•” group suddenly suffered from the US government●▼△, and was required to purchase cutting-edge technology and products from the United States for 7 years. The reason for the US official is that this Chinese company violates the agreement with the US government, still selling technologies from the United States in countries in the US sanctions in Iran○●•▲. However▽◁•▷, Ji Jin Ge has found the reasons for the United States to blocked the ZTE Group from the relevant report of the US media. It is much more complicated than the reasons currently given in the US Department of Commerce. The United States ▪▪”New York Times” believes that the blocking of “ZTE” is an inevitable result of Trumps constantly invented Chinas trade war, and he blocked ZTEs fundament○•△-.




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