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Original title: [Secret] Chinas “black technology” has a millennium history! Nuclear weapons tanks rely on it → it already has a history of thousands of years, which was once the “black technology” of the Chinese alone▲☆…•. Almost all of the striking weapons are inseparable from it. Like many of Chinas technologies, it has gradually lags behind the world. Today, after a chasing, it finally returned to the worlds leading position. It is an indispensable material in modern weapons – fire explosives. Among the people who have made Chinas firing drugs back to the world, they have just received the 2017 Chinas Supreme Science and Technology Award, known as Wang Zeshan, Chinas “Model Wang”. Fire explosives, the weapon is not? 2017 National Supreme Science and Technology Award Winner, Professor Nanjing University of Science and Technology Wang Zeshan△◆: Fire explosiv▼•.

Original title: [Secret] □•”send money to send account◆■◇◁” in secondary cities▷▪? Behind the madness, but exposes these big problems. 2018 graduation season is coming again. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Education•=▲○,house of cb ella dress blue the 2018 national college graduates are expected to be 8.2 million, and they have a new high history. However, more than 20 cities such as Xian☆▼, Nanjing, Wuhan have been introduced in a series of talents to introduce policies, sending houses,house of cb rinah dress sending money, sending accounts, and policy intensity. Behind the madness, what kind of anxiety is these cities? For urbanization, is this a development benefit▽☆? For more information, please pay attention to April 15 21=○•:45 CCTV Finance “Dialogue=◇▽☆” – Question about Chinas urbanization■○●☆! There are multiple consideration opportunities behind people in various cities▽■-☆, and they are indeed a lot of big cities•▼☆, especially the core cit•▷▪.

China News Agency, Hong Kong☆=●, May 27 (Reporter Shi Bing) Hong Kong SAR Government Rating and Evaluation Department released private residential price and rent index in April on the 27th. According to data, the private house price index has been continuously raised for 4 months this year, and the figures in April are 390=▪★.8, and it is 21 months old□△☆☆. Chen Hai Chao●◁-, director of Lijia Ge Real Estate Research, said that data mainly reflects the market conditions in late March and early April■☆●, and the epidemic will slowly delay▲▷◁▼, and the situation is repeated locally•=△●. At the resiliency measures in April△▽=☆,hot pink satin mini dress it is further relaxed, and the stimulating buyers continue to enter the market and support the property price. Chen Hai Chao said that within 4 months this year, the private residential price index has increased by 2●◇.87%, and it is 21 months old. Although!




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