lumistick hats-jada white

lumistick hats-jada white

Original title: Sun Hao is elected by the Mayor of Harbin Municipal Peoples Government “New Evening News” WeChat Board March 28th news=◆,strapless ruffle jumpsuit 14 oclock in the Municipal Peoples Congress held a closed meeting at the Harbin International Convention Center□○-▼. The conference voted to elect Sun Wei for the Mayor of the Harbin Municipal Peoples Government, and the Gold and Silver Wall is the Dean of Harbin Intermediate Peoples Court…▽. The Executive President of the General Assembly issued the elected certificate and held a constitutional oath ceremony. Sun Hao, a resolved▷=, Male, Han, October 1963, Shandong Longkou, August 1985, January 1984,Shipping policy. January 1984, joined the Communist Party of China, Harbin Institute of Architecture Engineering▷■…, graduated from the construction of water supply and drainage…▪-, Engineering, Engineering Ph.D.▪□★, professor. 1981.09-1985▷■=☆.08 Harbin Institute of Architecture Engineeri◁◆.

China News Agency, on May 26 (super) United Nations Environment Program Executive Director Yingny Annno held the World Environmental Judicial Conference held in Kunming, Yunnan, on the 26th, introduced to the guests of the Council through video connection, Chinas highest In 2014, the peoples court established an environmental resource trial court. The courts at all levels of China also established more than 1,000 environmental resource trial agencies☆•. She said that the United Nations Environment Program will continue to work with the Supreme Peoples Court of China to strengthen the trial work of illegal acts involved in environmental resources. Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread the world. Yerian Anno said that the tragedy caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not the biggest threat facing humanity, if n?

China News Network Hong Kong May 28 (Reporter Wang Jiacheng) The Hong Kong Regional Court issued an unapproved collection case that was in October 28th. 10 people such as Li Zhuying◁▪, the Founder of Hong Kong, the Communications Group, former Members, such as Li Zhuo, and Liang Guoxiong,beige and coco clothing were involved in incitement,Orders 0, organizational and known,lumistick hats and was sentenced to imprisonment for 14 months to 18 months▷◇○●. Among them, Li Zhuo◇▼○, Chen Yu=★□•, Liang Guoxiong, He Junren was sentenced to 18 months; Li Zhiying was sentenced to imprisonment for 14 months. (End) [Editor: Zhang Yanlin•■■….




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