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Xinhua Quanyai + 丨 new unearthed more important cultural relics Samsung Pile to attract Chinese and foreign media to read the Chinese civilization Xinhua News Agency Chengdu May 28th, the new unearthed★◇, the three-star stack attracted Chinese and foreign media to read the Chinese civilization Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiao Lin, Tongfang walked into the archaeological greenhouse of Samsung Pile Sacrifice to explore the scene of the scene, looked at the archaeological staff of the protective clothing, and the archaeological personnel who can adjust the temperature, humidity-★☆▽, from the full pits of bronzes, Jade, gold, ivory, what kind of shock is made in the artifact, what kind of shock? If you know the newly discovered 6 “sacrificial pits△★△” has unearthed more than 1,000 important artifacts=◆…, experts speculate still have a large number of metal, jade★-…, ivory▪▲…-, et.

Original title: 2018 Financial Legislation Work Arrangement In-depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, enhances the timeliness, coordination▪□, effectiveness and targeted financial legislation, to achieve legislative decision-making and reform decision-making, and give full play to financial legislation In the leading△•, promotion and security role of reform, the 2018 Ministry of Finance will be guided by Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics, to accelerate the establishment of a modern finance system, adhere to scientific legislation, democratic legislation, legislation, from the following In terms of order•-▪▼, legislation work: First◇▽, strive to complete the deed tax method■◆…■, resource tax law, consumption tax○◆◁▪, stamp=◆▽, urban maintenance construction tax law☆◇, personal income tax law (amendment)-▲▼, tariff method, administrative state-owned asset management regulations, etc. The law is drafted in the department, and report it in tim-☆.

Original title: (Military) The Military Commissions Discipline Committee opened corrective formalism=■●◇, bureaucracy issues set up “target” precision Xi Xinhua News Agency Beijing, Beijing, China Approved by the Central Military Commission•▼, the recent military committee discipline committee issued issued “correct formism■◇★, bureaucracy Question List▲▼▽, this is a powerful initiative to implement the chairman of the President of the Internship on correct formalism▲★, bureaucratic issues◁=•-, and promote precise and dynamic, fine implementation•◇. The list is reflected in the officers and soldiers reflects strong outstanding problems, and the formism and bureaucrats are highly shown○★. From the implementation of higher-level decision-making☆△-, study and education, training○▽★-, training according to law, inspect and investigate, vendors, service forces, and take 8 In terms of 52 species of specific performance, the leaders and the agencies of all levels have been deeply digging, and the gap is provided, and the tree .

Original title: Professor Chen Xiaowu, National Key R & D Plan Special Reply◆-▽=, this year, Professor, Nort-Range, Chen Xiaowu, is divided into students……, and the qualification of his teachers position and postgraduate mentor◁●★. But in the list of the national key research and development plan□…, the national key research and development plan announced at the end of March, why did he have his name? Editor in charge○▽: Zhang Yili.

Original title○■•: Video Bank Director deceants 2 million after the missing escape life is too bitter to invest in the recent□★▼▲, Nanchang County police ▷▷•▽”Hunting Fox Action” adds a result○◁△, a bank directors who fled more than a year. At 6 oclock in the evening●▲, in the exit of Nanchang West Railway Station, the two police officers were escorted by Huichang. It is understood that Wan Mou is the director of a bank, mainly responsible for loan business. Li Shutong=◆■○, the police of the Nanchang County Public Security Bureau, said that the suspects in January 2017 were in the material of their relatives to the Nanchang a bank for 2 million yuan☆=, but the use of these 2 million yuan is by the suspect◇=▼●. Control=◇=, its actual use is incompatible with contract loans. On the date of the repayment date, Wan Mou suddenly fled▼□=△, and the sales were disappeared. And the police passed close investigatio.




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